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NHA is pleased to announce we are transforming to the healthcare model of the 21st century, a Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH). Click here for more information.

To Neighborhood Health Association

“I was so incredibly tired of watching poor people die because they didn’t have health insurance” said one of the primary founders of the Neighborhood Health Association.  “These people had pride and thought that the emergency rooms were for those who wanted charity, so they waited until the absolute last minute to go there for care. So many times it was just too late” 

Despite the recent eloquence and urgency of the conversation surrounding the need to provide all Americans with medical coverage, the discussion is by no means a new one. In fact, Franklin D. Roosevelt included language in the draft legislation of the Social Security Act of 1935 that would have created a compulsory national health insurance plan.

In those years since President Roosevelt’s desire to enact this transformational domestic policy initiative, some things have changed, but others have sadly remained the same. There continue to be disparities in the burden of illness and death experienced by African Americans and Hispanics.  If you are Black and male in America, you will die seven years earlier than your White counterparts. African American women die at a higher rate from breast cancer than White women despite having an almost equal mammography screening rate.

The death rate from HIV/AIDS for African Americans is more than seven (7) times that for whites. The rate of homicides-the newest public health issue for People of Color-is six (6) times that for whites. 

Hispanics living in the United States are almost twice as likely to die from diabetes as are non-Hispanic whites. Although constituting only 11% of the population in 1996, Hispanics accounted for 20% of the new cases of tuberculosis and have higher rates of blood pressure and obesity than non-Hispanic whites. White Americans don’t fare much better with 73% of all white males and 59% of White females being obese; 25% of White males over the age of 18 smoking (19% for White women) and over 30% of all White Americans suffering from hypertension. Except for the escalating rate of obesity however--there’s not much new here. We have been a very unhealthy country for a very long time.

“So” you might ask, “what’s new?  How do we change things?” The answer is fairly simple: access to care regardless of your ability to pay; a strong focus on prevention and individual responsibility and, the provision of culturally sensitive health care. The devil however, is in the details. That’s where we come in. The Neighborhood Health Association (NHA) has been providing care of the nature described above for more than 40 years. Through these years, NHA has held true to the vision of its founders by providing a wide range of quality health care services, located in neighborhood based facilities and designed to be reflective of community needs.

We have grown from one clinic operating in shared space in 1969 to multiple clinical sites including several adult medicine locations, 2 pediatric clinics, a facility for those who are homeless, a Women’s Health Care clinic, several school based locations, 2 dental clinics, a pharmacy (some prescriptions are as low as $1.00) and laboratory services at most clinic locations. We offer such specialties as General Surgery, Cardiology and Podiatry right on site. Our physicians are all Board Certified in their specialty*   Women, Infants and Children (WIC), Social Work, Sickle Cell Education and Detection, Translation Assistance, Transportation and Perinatal and Community Outreach services are also available at several of our clinic sites. We are not a free clinic, but while there is a $20.00 minimum payment for services, we accept all types of insurance (Medicaid, Medicare, buckeye, paramount, etc.,) base your cost for care on a sliding fee schedule and arrangements for the payment of your bill are easy to make.

Special visit arrangements are available for our patients with absolutely no resources for payment-see the Financial Services section of this site for more information. What a concept! Affordable Medical and Dental Care, designed to meet your needs, right in your neighborhood. To learn more about NHA I invite you to tour our website. I hope that you will find it both interesting and informative.

So at the end of the day, I think that FDR had it right; the best measure of the success of a country must be the health of its people. After all, what could be more important?

Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Doni Miller


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